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Friday, November 20

Today's Blog Brought to you By the Letter P

Actually, that's 12 shades of wrongness. But Rik is on the road with TDT, so I've rattled through my archives (NOT a euphemism) to find a Friday post.
We've done it here in the Antipodes. We have finished winter and sent it zooming around the globe to you. I personally endured my son's school closing *cough knee jerk cough* over it. For the weekend, let us laugh in the face of all things porcine! Your favourite (or not so favourite) Swine Flu songs/books/films.
Kicking it off like the MEDIA BEAT-UP it is:
Red, Red Swine - UB40
One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest
H1N1 Heart -Billy Ray Cyrus
Don't go bacon my heart - Elton John
Stylence of the Lambs
Prosciutto the Runner - Kasabian

Over to you.