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Friday, August 6

Rik is Sik

And other Grade 1 learn to read books. Greetings to you all. Nobody panic. This is a hijack. Much as you were looking forward to the next installment of a) The Boat Show or b) Rik's Vomit Status, you'll just have to wait until next week until he's fully recovered and has discovered some Stugeron (my tip to you, Rik)
The Oxford English Dictionary, that venerable vessel of vocabulary has a SECRET LIST. Non-Words. It's all very Secret Police and Non-Citizen, but it's true. Somewhere, in a bank vault guarded by savage Australian Terrier crosses (take my daughter's word for that one) is a list of words just deemed by those that deem as unsuitable for inclusion in the current dictionary, unless they enter common parlance. Now, I love words as much as the next person (unless that person is FR David) and I'm all for the more, the merrier. How better to describe sneakily surfing the web at work, but with wurfing? Furgling in your pocket (ooh err!) for that loose change? Stubbing your fumb on an uneven piece of footpath? The scrax left over from your losing scratch and win ticket?
Let's not put up with this. The full list is here. Feel free to add yours over the weekend. And start using these ones! I'm surprised chillax isn't there. Chill out AND relax for anyone capable of doing more than one thing at a time, while simultaneously doing nothing.
And as for Rik, during this period of precuperation, get well soon. Hope the spretching* stops soon.

*spewing and retching