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Sunday, December 14

Question: What do you want for Christmas?

We all get asked this. I find a nice response is a nubile busty nympho. For some reason I still get socks

Time for a rant...

Why do the big supermarkets all sell Christmas lights, and not the spare bulbs to go with them? I had to go through every bulb on my Christmas tree lights with a test meter last night to find out which bulbs were in tact and which weren't. It took me hours, and I would like to say it was worth it, but the tree still looks pathetic.

Saddam Hussein under arrest

Was the person that arrested him a local bobby? Did he use all the usual lines "Your nicked, sonny Jim....", "You have the right to remain silent," and " You have the right to a solicitor, if you cannot afford one, one can be appointed to you."

More importantly, did he get put in a cold cell with one scratchy blanket and did they make him take his shoes off at the door?

Not that I have ever been arrested *ahem*