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Wednesday, January 14

Baaaaaa-stard Cold Weather

So being January, the usual effect of snow surprising everyone has run true again. As a small boy, I distinctly remember walking to school (something very rare nowadays, what with mummy and her 2 year old 4x4) in snow well past my knees. Teachers were there when we got there to greet us with warm radiators, and we were welcome to go outside at lunchtime to play on the schoolfield as long as we didn't "play too rough."

Well last night was a *light* dusting of snow throughout mid Wales and shock horror 11 schools were closed. "11?" I hear you cry. Yes 11. Apparently the danger to the little darlings slipping over and accidentally grazing a knee, thus leading to untold lawsuits involving psychological damage caused to said child and additional costs through loss of earnings as mummy has to stay home from work to look after the cherub would be just too much for the school to cope with.

I say send the little bastards out in a blizzard, and make a point of them walking to school. That'll teach 'em. And if I can't go to work because the road has a light dusting, then so be it, but I wouldn't get paid. I would make the most concerted effort to get there, and would almost certainly ignore the warnings on BBC news advising me to stay home unless it's an emergency. Perhaps its because as a child I was sent to school in the worst weather in the first place.

What will the world be like in heavy snowfalls in 30 years time? Makes you wonder, doesn't it.