King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, February 6

So the end of the week is here again

And what an eventful week it's been. Noah would have felt at home here this week, what with the rain, rain and more rain. The sort of rain you get for 5 minutes in the height of summer started on Monday night, and by Wednesday the rivers were at full capacity. Local roads could be seen flowing freely with bits of trees, rocks, masonry, cars, and dead cows, and 16" of rain in 24 hours was starting to leave a mark on the valley floor. 3 miles down the road a sudden deluge swept into 5 houses, and the infamous line was heard on local news, "I knew it was bad, when I saw Dad's car floating into next door's garden." It was so bad, I actually decided not to go to work on Wednesday night. Not because I would have been in danger, but because the regular 10 minute drive would have taken me at least an hour, what with roads closed everywhere.

At least it wasn't as bad as the snow. *cough*

And the other major news story is that Scaryduck has agreed to go for a pint. Maybe I can learn from him how to get this damn comments thingy working again.

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