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Sunday, June 27

Common misconceptions in the perverted world of pr0n

A good friend of mine has had a slight dilemma. She said she thought someone had played a joke on her, and put her pic on a website for swingers. She wasn't best pleased, but would I mind helping her find the advert so that something can be done to remove it. So, as difficult as it was, I had to sit there and trawl through all these delightful *ahem* women revealing their inner selves (some more then others) and see if I could spot her picture or name. It's an interesting site, go and have a look yourself sometime but make sure it's not at work!

I wonder if they say they will do what they advertise. We will have to wait and see...

P.S. She's not actually on there. Someone who is has a similar email address. "40 year old, 38DD boobs" etc etc

In the continuing world of dodgy websites

This was sent to me. I dunno how my mate found it. I need to talk to him I think.