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Thursday, July 1

Skid row, here we come.

Not 6 months ago, (see 7th January) on this very blog, did I mention my next hang out being the local jobcentre. Well as of tomorrow, this will be exactly what has happened. I mentioned recently the possibility of being made redundant, and well as you can tell today is the day. Am I disheartened? Well yes, and no, because to be honest I enjoy teaching adults. They are eager to learn, and you get a real benefit from seeing them learn something new. 2 students I have had for the past 2 terms were exceptionally surprised as to how much they had learned, and they will continue to learn but unfortunately they will not have me as a tutor.

I am quite optimistic that this is a good thing as well though. This time last year I was promised more hours seeing as I had made the transition from self employed to employee. The hours started off well enough, but slowly they drained from my schedule until eventually I was working a hard (!) 12 hours a week in term time. I wasn't getting any hours at all during holiday periods and so no money at all. All in all, being made redundant is quite a Godsend. I couldn't leave and sign on because the jobcentre would say I left a perfectly good job. I couldn't claim any benefits because I was earning too much even though I was only on 12 hours a week. The college had me over a barrel, and they knew it.

So last Friday I got the letter "You have been made redundant. Do not pass go, do not collect £200." They did offer me a post in September, and an application form would be on it's way. The form turned up yesterday at 10am, and I had the truly staggering deadline for the application of 5pm last night. I didn't make it. (I didn't want to.)

Oh Well...

Gis a job.