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Tuesday, August 31

Okay, okay, I admit it

Sorry Joy, I have to admit I have let my blogging ability lapse.

I warned everyone a few weeks ago I would be moving, and even worse that the new house would be internet unready. Well it was even worse. The UK likes to boast about it's modern approach to technology, and in the meantime I have gained a house that could have come from a timewarp dating back 30 years. Don't get me wrong, the house is superb! I have room for everything I could possibly want, including my own PC room.

I can sit in my lounge and the view alone is enough to take the breath away of any hardened cosmolite. I can see the weather changing 15 minutes before it reaches here, but in Wales that surmounts to either hard rain, or drizzle.

The problem stems from it's sheer ruralness. It has a telephone line, and electricity, but not a lot else. The running water isn't a problem, although we are so high up that water pressure is non existant. We have the delightfully archaic coal fire for heating the house, and no gas at all. The telephone line is ready for broadband when they switch the exchange over on May the 25th 2005 (!) and the TV is pointing a coat hanger across the mountains at a transmitter I can see to receive a massive 4 channels. The satellite dish is ready to go up, but in such a wind swept haven and I refuse to ascend a ladder more then 12 inches from the ground. I will set it up this week.

I have got the PC set up in the lounge at the mo... I can't get into the new computer room. Too many bags and boxes to unload. It was the nearest room to the front door. I will have to log a pic when the room is complete.

Oh well, back to the grindstone.