King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, November 23

Just when you think things can't get worse.

I was looking forward to my guest piece over on Rance & Rubberduckie's website, to be shown yesterday morning, when the rather bad cough and cold I have had for the past week took a rather more sinister turn. I was woken by a coughing fit yesterday morning at 4:41 that produced a large contribution to a local blood bank. I panicked. You would, wouldn't you. I called myself an ambulance (note to self: you are an ambulance), and for once in NHS history the ambulance was here within 15 minutes. I now have returned home safely, and have the biggest wealth of mirth for here, I will be enlightening you with some of the stories of my 36 hour stay and I am sure you will as amused as I was at the time.

Things like the man who was worried about the hundreds of people behind the clock, the (same) man that kept trying to escape from the ward and had to be grabbed by 2 other patients/inmates leading to the world's slowest chase, and the little indian woman who couldn't go to the loo without a wheelchair.

In the meantime; *cough* *cough*