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Wednesday, December 29

Something the BBC got wrong???

I hate it when people say things that are so obviously wrong, take the unfortunate events in the south east of Asia. The BBC are supposed to be a leading authority on the Queen's English, but the department that notifies them of correctness of reports are obviously still on holiday. Let me explain.

Sunday, 26th December 2004

A "Tidal Wave" caused by a large earthquake in the Indian ocean has killed hundreds or possibly thousands around the epicentre.

By definition, a tidal wave is a wave that is tidal. It is affected by the big white object in the sky we see almost every night, or the big yellow object we see in the sky during the day, or in extreme circumstances both. It is not, I repeat not, a wave caused by an earthquake. That is a Tsunami, from the Japanese for port (Tsu) and wave (nami).

By Monday, the BBC had almost sorted out their act. Tidal Waves were not being mentioned anymore, but the few staff that had corrected them had forgotten to tell them how to spell "Tsunami." The BBC Lunchtime News on Monday reported "How Tsumani are formed."

Sort it out BBC. Our kids are supposed to be learning from you.