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Monday, February 28

Some questions have been raised.

Whilst watching Channel 4's "100 Greatest Cartoons" yesterday evening, a good few questions and statements were raised that I thought I should share with you. Some of them worried me, so much so in fact that I had to write them down and see if anyone else agrees with me. Please leave your invaluable additions.

1. In Wacky Races, Penelope Pitstop had a lever on her dashboard with make-up, lipstick, and vibrator(!)
2. In the public information films "Charley Says", Charley was voiced by Kenny Everett.
3. The little middle aged blonde woman famous for being the voice of Bart in the Simpsons was also the voice of Chuckie in Rugrats.
4. Was the Pink Panther gay?
5. Is Fred in Coronation Street really Foghorn Leghorn?
Fred Elliot is Foghorn Leghorn?
6. Does anybody else think Captain Caveman looked like a large hairy testicle?
7. What was the point of Ivor the Engine?
8. Was the Dungeon Master in "Dungeons & Dragons" based on Paul Daniels?
Was Dungeon Master based on Paul Daniels?

Can you add to my list of questions or interesting points?