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Saturday, March 5

I am so jealous

As you can see from my last post comments, I have a friend called Carl. Now Carl is a nice bloke, the sort of person that wouldn't hurt a fly. He asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could help him get a new car, after his wife had had a slight misadventure with the old one. (That means, being a woman, she'd written it off)

Anyway, I promised to take him to the local car auctions and help him to get a nice new car. We went originally a week and a half ago, and we both became passionate about a couple of Fiat Puntos that were going through. With a budget of £800 I was disappointed when the first Fiat Punto (a nice blue T reg from 1997) went for £800 to another bidder. Then a second Fiat Punto towards the end of the evening came in, this time a Turbo Diesel (Gold, N reg, 1995). Once again, I just missed the boat at £850.

This time he told me I have to bid for him, but if he *really* likes the car, he can stretch to £1000. A few cars came in, most interestingly, a nice Seat Arosa. That went for silly money, namely £1675. Another car he had spotted was this nice Fiat Bravo. He's always said he wants a small car, because his good lady doesn't like big cars. He's also worried about insurance, and I tell him he's nothing to worry about. There he is, looking at Citroen Saxos, Ford Fiestas, and Vauxhall Corsas, when in reality when you live in the car crime capital of the UK they are the most likely cars to be nicked. In rolls this Fiat Bravo, with a whopping 1747cc engine. I know he's nervous, and when the bidding starts so am I. The auctioneer actually closes on £750, but then realises he's missed someone else who has been bidding, and in the end I win with a bid of £900

MMmmmmmm, Nice wheels man!
Now, don't get me wrong. I don't like small cars, but this is a real gem.

That's why I am jealous.