King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, July 19


There are 3 balloons, mummy balloon, daddy balloon and little balloon.

Every night the young balloon sneaks into his parent's bed and goes to sleep in between them. Eventually it comes to the time when the parents have had enough and tell the toddler (!) balloon enough is enough and that he has to promise to stay in his own room. The young balloon regrettably agrees to this and slinks off back to his own bed.

When night comes he sneaks into his parent's room and tries to get in the middle like usual but his parents have spread out and there's no room, so he thinks "I know if I let some air out of my dad then I should get in."

So he lets some air out of his dad and tries again but he wont fit, so he lets some air out of his mum, and he still cant quite fit, so he then decides to let some air out of himself and squeezes in and has a fantastic warm sleep.

In the morning daddy balloon wakes up and is infuriated and asks his son why he has broken his promise. The son replies that he can't sleep in his own room, the father sighs resignedly and says "do you realise what you have done... well do you? You've let me down, you've let your mom down, and worst of all you've let yourself down."

(c) 2005 JudgeTredd (so blame him)