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Tuesday, December 30

The Blogger's Bloody Big Booze up 2009

As mentioned before, great *edit* delightful antipodean reader Pseudonymph is coming to these shores for a few days next month. It is for this reason I have taken to organising a meeting for those that would like to come along and say hello to her, and meet fellow bloggers/commenters at the same time. I would also like to throw open your suggestions as to time, place, and how you feel about my ideas...
My suggestion is a nice 'quaint' typically English pub, behind the Ritz, off of Piccadilly called the Blue Post. Me and my father would meet there regularly when we'd both want to meet up in London. It's a large pub, with real pub food, a restaurant upstairs and not typical London beer prices. It is in the heart of Mayfair, so congestion charges apply, but there is a large car park almost opposite (the main one for the Ritz) should you have money to burn and want to drive to it. It's also 2 minutes walk from Green Park tube station, so it has access on the Victoria, Piccadilly and Jubilee Lines.

Secondly, when. The "G'day family" will be in available on the Thursday/Friday/Saturday 8th/9th/10th January. I personally would be happy with either the Friday or the Saturday, but I appreciate some people would rather be working (boring!!!) or with their families (more boring!!!) so it might have to go to a vote. I personally will be travelling up with the Johnaitch the day before, and hopefully staying somewhere in the area. If you have space for two on your floor, then I'd be grateful if you could put us up. Comment away underneath, and we (my father and I at least) look forward to seeing you all there. Oh yeah, and if you want to email me with questions or confirm in private, you can here.