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Wednesday, December 17

Don't you just love the "I'm better then you" mentality

Apparently my subject matter is too boring, well according to an old friend who has the above mentioned mentality. Right then, from now on I will post nothing but comments on womanising, beer, and frottage. Oh yes, and how good I am as a programmer, engineer, webdesigner, and overall good egg. Happy Terry?

Travelling by Rail over Christmas

I have to laugh

My ex-pat sister is flying in from Florida for Christmas week with her husband who has never been to the UK. Oh boy, is he in for a shock.

"Shall I get the train to you on the Saturday after Christmas? He's never been on a long train journey before." So I reply sarcastically, "Well yes, you are in the right country for that then!"
Network Rail are closing down what seems like most of the rail network for engineering works, thus meaning that the 3 hour journey from Paddington into the back of beyond will be an estimated 10 hours with various bus transfers along the way. How I laughed. Then today it was announced that the London Underground Staff, not happy with saying "Mind the Gap" are going on strike again. I laugh even more. I even offered to go and get her, but in the usual level of stubborness she was steadfast, "Oh no, we are looking forward to it, and we can have a few beers on the way."

I hope she remembers to bring an off licence

See you Sunday Morning Sis.