King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, December 18

What is it about fathers and bathroom habits?

Every child must have a point in their life where they wonder what the older male members of the family do in a bathroom. Let me explain.

You know the situation, "Dad, hurry up, I need the loo!" and when you get in there, the wallpaper is peeling off and the local rodent population can be seen emigrating. I always used to think, "there's something wrong with my Dad, he can't be well. I hope I never leave a smell like that." Oh and don't forget the obligatory, "I'd leave it 10 minutes before you go in there" when he left.

And the basin? What goes on in there? To my young untrained ears it sounded to me like my father was imitating a cross between a cappucino coffee maker and a sink plunger doing it's worst. And all he was doing was washing his face.

The truth of the matter is, now a thirty something with a sprog of my own, I am doing the same.

And I know why...

Because it is funny seeing my son's face when he goes in there himself, trying to work what has been happening.

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