King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, January 4

Drink? Anyone?

Well the alcohol is now a favoured majority in my blood stream.. you know it is bad news when you have a drink and it either a) doesn't have any affect or b) tops up the constant feeling of being pissed. Well the fridge is getting decidedly low of alcohol, 2 bottles of horridly sweet alcopop and 2 cans of Tennents Pilsner. The fridge is giving a gentle sigh of relief however, and asking is that it for this year?

New year's Resolutions

Well I will give up smoking... oh hang on, that's too easy I don't smoke. Give up beer, don't make me laugh! (see above). I know, I will give up sex... oh, erm, the missus decided that years ago.

Not a lot left really. Maybe I should try something new... I know I will give up gardening. That does it for me. I am happy now.

BTW Still too many holes being left around the house. I am like a housemouse on acid