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Wednesday, January 7

Ahhh back to work

Could this be my next hangout?

Does anyone else get the feeling that going back to work is a generally bad idea? It is surely at this time of year, following 2 weeks of sleep, alcohol, more sleep, more alcohol, way too much turkey, and yet even more alcohol, that maybe signing on is better then working?

Oh what it would be to stay in bed all day, every day, only to get up once a fortnight to go and sign the little dotted line testifying, "yes I am still unemployed, no I haven't spent the past two weeks dishonestly working for the local builder's yard as a forklift truck driver, and yes I have spent every last waking moment of my miserable existence chasing non-existant jobs you fascist bastards," only to be met by the usual distain of the local civil servant's disapproving looks and the obvious thoughts of "get a job you workshy lazy git."

Or even better, get a job for less money then you are *legally* entitled too, and spend the next few years slowly but surely slipping into debt as one overhyped employer after another slowly digs you into a shallow financial grave. Until eventually you either end up back on the dole or through some quirk of fate end up getting a job which pays you more realistic wages and you spend the rest of your life paying off the debts accrued previously.

Bit close to the mark at this time of year...

Oh well, back to work *cough*