King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, January 26

"Spammer alert!"

The following is a real excerpt sent to me today in my junk email folder!

You can be an ALL NIGHT sex machine As opposed to an all night chemist?
Finally available to the public Hence the bulk mailling
The supplement that's made Male Porn Stars famous! Name one?
Make love to her like no other man can That badly???
Over and over again All night long! blimey, once and I could sleep for a week
Before she can catch her breath, mount her again and again, what is she? a horse???
pleasuring her AND YOURSELF orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. yes yes you've made your point.

Porn Stars shoot an entire movie in just ONE DAY having sex many times with many different women! dunno, never seen a porn film.
THEY WEREN'T BORN THAT WAY! No they took libido classes between french and double geography at school. AND STOP SHOUTING!
Now you too can have rock hard orgasmic sex over and over again Once would be enough thank you.
with huge cum gushing ejaculations while your penis remains hard and ready for more! Am I trying to drown her???
Increase your testosterone 500% and drive like a nutter.
Increase your sex drive---Increase your virility become a maypole
She'll never leave you alone when you give her hours of multiple orgasms Yeah I know, whining about one thing or another...
Doctor developed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! "Yes, I'd like a refund please, I have proof of failure"
Highly recommended for older men with younger women in their lives ! DAAAAD!

Shall I bother with the return address?