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Monday, February 23

Rats leaving a sinking ship

I knew it was bad when I was told to take a week off for half term. Certain things had been said beforehand about jobs and reductions in hours. Morale was at a low for weeks, and people were saying, "it can't get any worse though, can it?"

Well back into work today, and the truth will out. Some people are being made redundant at the end of March, and not having the guts to give a golden handshake a job has been advertised for everyone to apply for. This means that redundancy does not have to be paid, and even claiming the dole is not an option because an alternative post was offered. Meanwhile, back in my centre we have been herded like sheep into a new location sharing with another function. How this will work only time will tell, but unfortunately it is dreadfully apparent that it won't. Only a matter of time now and the staff will be so fed up they will leave of their own accord, and of course for all involved there is no chance of claiming benefits even though hours have been reduced and working conditions have become unbearable.

Well things can surely only get better.


2x + 2y = ?

What the f**k? Does this have a function? Yes I know the answer is 2xy, but I still don't know what the point is. As was highlighted to me today, it is still utilised in GCSE maths examinations. I mean for all we know it is only a matter of time before we can start to use algebra as a form of shorthand. No, hang on, grab any mobile phone with a text message and you will see the usual "B4," "L33T" and "CU L8R."

Perhaps current purveyors were professors of algebra in a previous life.