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Sunday, April 4

What a weekend

This is a driver's worst nightmare. Many people ask me why, when I need to go to Scotland, do I decide to drive through the night? This picture should say it all, but if it doesn't lets just say "This wouldn't have happened at night!"
The simple fact of the matter is that British roads are just too overcrowded. This is a prime example, with the main artery that joins Glasgow and the North West of England becoming closed and there just being no alternative route for 50 miles in any direction other than the one the police chose to use. A single carriageway b-road that obviously last saw any major traffic as the McDonalds clan heading for Glencoe, which meant that an excrutiatingly bad bottleneck was formed.

For 22 miles.

And no way out.


On a more cheerful note

Balders emailled me to say that my link on Scaryduck's comments was misspelt and the offending direction of the misspelling was taking him somewhere completely different. Have a look yourself; ""