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Tuesday, May 11

It happened again.

I hate to be one harping on about the weather, but yesterday my humble village in the back of beyond made the news again. The BBC weather last night spoke of a Tornado reported near Brecon. Well as near as 27 miles is.

Leaving for work on the scooter I mentioned yesterday, I thought I would try to avoid the great gloomy clouds that were bellowing over the next mountain and make the mad dash to college. Looking in my mirror the whole way I could see the developing storm, and after about 10 minutes on a long straight patch of A-road I noticed how cars were pulling up on the grass verge. I thought "that's strange" but what really did it was the guy stopping his van and athletically leaping out whilst sporting his christmas present, the new 3.2 megapixel digital camera. "What is he taking a picture of" I thought to myself, so curiousity got the better of me, and I pulled up. Looking behind and what do I see?

another blow job

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It was a definite "wow!" moment, then I realised it really wasn't that far from where I lived. Euphoria suddenly became panic, so I tried to phone home. They apparently were out in the garden, watching it... 400 yards away! Trees are down where it had been, and after a couple of minutes of removing natural wildlife habitat it dissipated. I wonder if I will ever see another tornado? This one was cool.