King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, May 10

A lot of interesting things can be seen on a Monday Morning.

The drudge of the 20 minute commute to work on a Monday morning always leaves me fresh with ideas for the rest of the day.

You know the feeling. Post lie in over the weekend, you leave it as long as humanly possible before you crawl out from under the Marks and Spencer's duvet cover and into life. Well I found the perfect way to wake up the mind is to ride a 49cc hair dryer instead of the usual car, and beat the traffic that seems so much worse on the Monday from any other day. Does anyone else think this or is it just me?

not meScooters are great fun. Mine has wheels that wouldn't look out of place on a shopping trolley, and it can even take 2 people (not that it's recommended). It's even more fun as you whistle past all the motorists in their Peugeot 206 Turbodiesel listening to Terry Wogan on Radio 2, sitting in a half mile long tailback because of temporary traffic lights that seem to have been there forever. People (in)advertantly dangle arms out of windows with cigarettes with the (in)advertant purpose of slowing you down, but it makes no difference. Up to the front of the queue, and even better is the fact they then have to follow you at 27mph for the next mile as you pass the traffic queuing going the other way.

The problem is as summer draws on the evening's drive home becomes a problem. The rush hour has past by the time I am travelling home, so there is very little traffic.

Except in the land of the insect.

In anthropoid timescales sunset is rush hour. Days of sitting around looking for nectar, attacking children, pestering picnickers, and general insect type things come to an end and they all decide at once that they are going to go home for an hour of telly, and a quiet beer. All well and good for the sealed in motorist in his air conditioned cocoon. But for a helmetted rider this is a nightmare. Visor down and it's bearable, but at the top whack of the scooter I still find I have not enough ventilation to prevent steaming up, so I have to leave the visor up. Strangely enough leaving work I am normally hungry and looking forward to my tea, but getting home and I seem undecidely full. I have no idea why.