King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, May 25

Once in a lifetime...

There are many things you experience once in a lifetime. Such delights as riding your first white-knuckle ride, puking in front of your mates (maybe at said white knuckle ride), kissing your first girlfriend for the first time, oh and of course, finding true love.

You know the feeling... The sight of the person drives you mad. You do anything to see them, like in school volunteering to pass a message to their teacher, just so you can catch a glimpse to lift your day. And then, shock horror, one day they talk to you... and what do you do, say some really lame thing? Well in the real world by the time you are 20 you are past caring. Women come thick and fast, and you settle into a rhythm of chatting them up, buying them dinner, and eventually you either have their child or (even worse) get married or (even worse still) both. Game over right?


What about if you never had a true love in the first place? 10/20/30 years on from a loveless life, you find someone else. No adultery involved, but this time it's different. You want to be with them. You want a glance at them. If they were in school you would be offering to take a message to their teacher.

It's a vicious circle.