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Wednesday, June 9

Serious face...

Neath College have spent too much, and jobs have to go.

From my point of view I don't know how this will stem out, but the harsh reality is I am unlikely to have a job within a month or so. The problem stems from the fact that the college has overspent in other areas, and they need to claw it back as quickly and as easily as possible, with no real repercussions to them for laying off staff.

Apparently 71% of Neath College's budget goes on staff salaries. Well call me a financial genius, but surely having everyone in the entire building paid by the hour is going to become more expensive then hiring people on contract. I have heard the old reply "but then you have to cover pensions, and look out for redundancy payments," when in reality even then I don't think it would come to the kind of bill they are looking at each month for staff pay.

The announcement that 17 managers will be lost throughout the college is hardly surprising either. They have managers for everything. Estates managers (aka bin emptiers), refectory managers (aka tea makers), office managers (aka secretaries) and resource managers (managers of the managers). In my department alone I can count four managers, one of which has only been hired since November.

Elsewhere in the college important factors have been spent on. If you ever pass by the main campus a huge Albino Pachyderm can be seen from the main road which has cost the college an estimated £8 million, £2 million over budget. Aha! I hear you cry. But apparently that's not why cut backs are being made.

Yeah right. *cough*