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Monday, June 7

Another Week, Another Winge.

So, Britain has the most expensive petrol in the world. And with prices set to leap is it surprising we are on the verge of another fuel crisis like in 2000.

wankerApparently the UK price has hit the £1 a litre mark in many places, putting it at the top of the table. Bottom of the table is (not surprisingly) the U.S. with a staggering 21p a litre. Now admittedly the U.S. 'gasoline' is only 92 octane, and is a bit like powering the car on screenwashing fluid, but I wouldn't complain at that price. It is a good example of another crisis hitting this country as we speak though. In the U.S. diesel is sold, but because of it's general maintenance factors and pollution, it is easier to use gasoline.

In this country in our ongoing quest to save every last penny of fuel that we use, we have tried many different variants. Who can forget the cooking oil being used a while ago? The government realised that a loophole had been found and promptly closed it (oooh no... you can't have tax free fuel in this country). As for diesel, isn't it curious how when you are sat behind a bus in a traffic jam, what do you do? You turn off the blowers and if possible recirculate the air. Windows being left open are a big no no, and all because quite frankly you can't breathe.

And the government is pushing us the way of using more diesel by raising their prices. Now, it's all well and good saying petrol chucks out as much pollution as diesel, but why is it then you can breathe when sat behind a car in a traffic jam? And even more surprising it is then, that the UK has the highest instance of Asthma in the world! Now there's food for thought.

In the meantime, what does Blair say about all this? If we blockade like we did 4 years ago, he won't sit up and listen. Oh no. He will use force if need be. I can see the headlines now, "Women and children shot with rubber bullets at Esso refinery riot."

It's only a matter of time.

How to spend a boring evening in a very hot un-airconditioned building

I just found this and have spent the past hour sat reading it. I might even print it all out and bind it into a book.