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Thursday, August 5

I love my tax office

How many people do you know can say that? Well count me as one of them, because they have finally appeared to do their job. Let me explain.

Whilst dropping my son in Gatwick to head stateside on Tuesday, a quick check on my bank account revealed a rather large sum paid in. I thought the college had paid me redundancy (well you would wouldn't you?) and so we agreed on spending it wisely. I got my son a gameboy advance for the plane, and I treated myself to a couple of CDs for the journey home. Upon getting home, I paid bills (too many in fact) and then decided I was going to use the money to get myself a new car so I can look for jobs out of the area.

Oh and a new MP3 jukebox thingy.

And a headset for my phone.

And a Mercedes 260.

Yup. Hows that for a step up. I have gone from a 1.8litre ford sierra estate made in 1994 to a quite frankly wonderful Mercedes 260. Albeit 1989, its got a full Mercedes (!) service history until 7,000 miles ago. it's only done 109,000 miles which is barely run in. There are a few niggly things wrong with it, though. The electric window in my door doesn't work, and the automatic headrests on the backseat are not working properly. The Blaupunkt (what else?) stereo has a few problems and is generally a little old.

All in all a right little darlin' as they say where I come from. It's valued at £2,500 in a car dealers directory, which makes it all the more staggering I got it for a sultry £550! All I am worried about now is the fuel economy. I have been reliably informed that I will be lucky to get 20 miles per gallon out of it. Oh well, might as well drive it like a nutter then.

As for the money. Well it transpires it wasn't my college (the bastards have never once in four years paid me correctly and on time) but a tax rebate. A large one as well.

Like I said, I love my tax office.