King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, July 29

Now you know me...

I'm not one to talk about the weather, (okay okay I am,) but tonight was an interesting night for my son and I. It's been decidedly humid for a few days, with the weather hardly breaking into a glow and certainly no sun. Other people across the country have been basking in sunshine, that truly rare commodity in Wales, but here we have just enjoyed the pleasant lack of drizzle. Well tonight it made up for it. About 4:30 it started to rain, the big clumpy rain that soaks you with one drop (mostly down the back of your neck on first impact). I noticed by 6:30 that the sky was looking decidedly orange (!) and that the air was very very heavy indeed. Ducks (even scary ones) started to look overjoyed, and then it started. A small torrent to begin with, becoming in the space of 30 seconds a full blown downpour that would have had Noah looking skywards. We just sat there, smug in the knowledge that it's only a passing shower and such heavy rain would be good for the garden. Even the appearance of several forks of lightning over the distant mountains raised the excitement and the gentle summer rumble of distant thunder could be heard in an almost therapeutic, cleansing way.

"oh shit. I left the sunroof on the car open"

Need I say more?