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Monday, September 13

In a galaxy far far away

I wish people in this area would remember how they passed their driving test. In the past 3 days I have seen incompetence on a disproportionate level. It starts with the lazy spud-u-likes that forget how to park in car parks. The lines around other cars are normally there to signify where to park. You always get one or two stray parkers, maybe just a few inches over the line. But outside a busy local hospital, you'd think people were a little more considerate.
fuckwit number 1

Then, today, to add more fuel to the fire. Outside Halfords, somewhere I thought people were a bit more passionate about driving correctly...
fuckwit number 2

And don't get me started on the drivers outside my son's school... I think I will sit there one day with a camcorder and show just the level of imcompetence of the driving going on there. Still, could be worse. It could be the old fart I saw today that took over 5 minutes to park his Rover 200 in a paralell parking space, and was still a good 3 feet from the kerb when he had finished. I didn't have my camera for that one!

House update...

You will all be glad to know the PC is now in it's new home, a very untidy front room that will in the longterm be my office. I now have the cameras working so I will take some pics and post in the week (if this bastard rain lays off.)