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Monday, September 20

As promised...

I mentioned in the last post a picture or two of the new house and more specifically the view, so here it is.

Click on the image to make it bigger, but a warning to dial up users, the larger image is nearly 200k and will take a minute or so to appear. In the middle of the image can be seen the local town and more specifically on the hillside a clump of houses straddling a road. That is the old house, and is just over 4 miles away.

The images were taken and then pieced together so excuse the patchwork effect of the images.

We have been reliably informed that on a clear day we can see the actual Brecon Beacons some 30 odd miles away, but as of yet haven't had a clear day. We have only been here 3 weeks so far (!)

Now I have to admit

I am not the greatest reader. I like a book I can dip into before passing out in bed. Well at the moment I am re-reading a book given to me a few years ago, called "FHM True Stories."

The stories are mostly sent in by male readers of the magazine FHM and they are categorized into work exploits, sexual exploits, drunken exploits, and sober exploits. I am not going to bore with by just copying extracts from the book, but will pick out the best and post them on here. A few will make you wince, a couple will make you cry "ewwwww!" and even one or two will make you want to go and forcibly remove your lunch.