King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, September 28

Twice in two days???

Whilst thundering over the mountain near where I live, what should I happen to come across but another police car parked up in a layby. Now admittedly I was staying close to the speed limit, but the road conditions really weren't perfect. It had been a light drizzle all day, and the cloud cover was very low. He pulled me up, with a stern look on his face.

"So tell me sir, what would you do if Mr. Fog came down about now?"

I thought to myself, 'thats all I need - a smartarse copper,' so I replied "Well I would probably take Mr right foot off of Mr Accelerator, maybe ask Mr right foot to apply a bit of Mr Brake. If it got bad I would bring Mr sidelights into play, and if it got really bad I might even have to bring on Mr Headlights and even Mr rear foglight."

He rolled his eyes, looked skyward, and then said "shall I say that again sir? What would you do if MIST or FOG came down now?"

Double oops.