King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, September 27

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the auditorium...

I was driving through local sad traffic when a police car met me head on and not wanting to draw attention to myself, I flashed him to let him through the narrow gap between my side of the road and the line of parked cars down the right. As he drew closer I saw him make a gesture that can well only be best described as surprising. He had a half opened hand, and moved it up and down very obviously as if to say I like to "fiddle my ferret." I was offended, and rather taken aback, so I flicked him the bird, at which point he stopped along side me with steam eminating from his ears. I don't think I impressed him, and he did the universal "wind down the window" sign language, which I did.

He asked me why I give him the finger, to which I replied "You started it, You called me a wanker!"

He replied "I did not... I was reminding you to put your seat belt on."

Oops (!)

Note to self
I must start to put more then one entry a week.