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Thursday, December 9

Another day, another doctor

My faith in the NHS has been severely dented over the past few years. Not through mis-diagnosis of my own ailments, but general attitude towards patients and the lack of general concern for them. If you phone up the doctor's to book an appointment you will get a gap of (normally) six weeks, but this is normal for just about everywhere. I have made 'emergency' appointments in the past, and the staff tut and look at you like something they have just trodden into their new carpet.
I paid a visit to see them last week expecting the usual patronising looks, but when I said I had been in hospital they seemed to move me up a level, and I was seen within 10 minutes. The doctor did the usual poking around, but she was convinced it was just the umpteenth case of a bad cough that week. She sent me home with another dose of more powerful antibiotics, and the knowledge that it will be gone by the following week. next course of antibiotics run by yesterday, I go back to the docs today. Second visit without an appointment, only this time the receptionist insists I stay and see any doc asap. Well the doctor took the usual look at me, measured my blood pressure, listened to my chest, and announced...

"A classic case of whooping cough"

Perhaps I need this on my door?I said "gumpf," and all of a sudden everything slotted into place. He warned me it will last for about 3 months and I have to go back weekly. Apparently I am the oldest patient he's ever had with whooping cough, and he just wants to keep an eye on it. In the meantime, I did what anyone else new to such an illness would do. I looked it up on the internet. This webpage is a real wealth of knowledge, and even lists my bleeding eyeballs as a complication!

It has to be said. As fed up as I am that I am going to be barking like a dog for the next 3 months, and not able to drink any alcohol or sleep in my own bed, I feel that a real weight has been lifted from my shoulders. All I need now is a new set of lungs, and perhaps I can be happy again.