King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, December 5

At Last!

Whilst sitting at home, deciding when is a good time to cough and when isn't, I decided I was going to make good use of the time and finish a game I have been developing for years. Back in 1999 when I started working with my son's school I noticed that the kids were taking 20 minutes to type a sentence in a word processor. I attributed this to the fact that they had little or no typing experience, and so I decided to write a game to teach them. It took me a day, was written in Turbo C for DOS and was a text mode game that dropped letters on the screen that had to be hit before they reached the bottom of the screen, and it was called Type Invaders. 6 months later, and I had made a new graphics version called Type Invaders 2 where you were flying through space and the letters came towards you.

Well this week I finished a windows version, called Lunatics. It was written in Blitz and has the same idea, but is all in all the best game I have written so far in this style. You can get it here, and if you download it, you can just run the file to install it. If you have any comments, please send them to me. I look forward to the chance of improving it.