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Friday, January 28

Domain Wars

And who said the small man cannot take on the big corporation singlehandedly?

Since the dawn of the World Wide Web back in 1994, domain names have become valuable commodities and people have held corporate giants to ransom when they want to create their website only to find the website name has been already snaffled up.

One of the first instances of this was the case of the two brothers that purchased the "" domain name, and then sold it to Apple for $3m. And fair plays to them I say. More recently Apple have again come into the limelight when their Itunes domain was found to have been already set up by Benjamin Cohen, and understandably he is taking a stand and saying it's his, and they can only buy it from him.

A better twist was a young 17 year old student, who's name was Michael Rowe. He set up a website for his fellow students to talk about anything and everything. He even had some programming tips on there, so what else could he call himself but Mike Rowe Soft? Bill Gates himself took offence to this blatant attempt at hijack a Microsoft name, and took the young genius to court. They offered to pay what he had paid for the domain name ($10) and he laughed at them. At the end of the day, he has more right to the domain name then they do.

All I need to do know is find a domain name I can Cybersquat on.

Oh look. is available.