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Tuesday, February 15

Early morning, or late night?

I can't sleep. You know the feeling...

New friends, old feelings.

Anni's back yard last week...Anni, new local blogger, and new friend has had the pleasure of me visiting all weekend. She lives in the biggest *new* housing estate I have ever seen. It was like Barretts on Acid... Each and every corner seemed to lead to more new houses. To cap it all I could only seem to find 2 main roads, and the local residents of Cardiff were no use whatsoever when it came to asking if they knew her road. In the end I admitted defeat and phoned her. Within 30 seconds I was there. In a word: Gutted.

Books??? Pah!Anyway. What a cool person she is. I suffer with terrible nervousness (is that a word?) when I meet people from the interweb-thingy, and shake awfully badly, but she put me at ease fairly quickly. Johnaitch seemed to like her as well, so I knew we were going to have a relaxing weekend. I was going down with the sole purpose of doing some DIY and so when i turned up with a car boot full of screws, rawl plugs, drills, nails, screwdriver bits, tape measures and wood glue, she was looking more and more worried as one crate was hauled in after another into her new hallway. 3 bottles of red wine later, and the hangover the next morning was particularly bad (can you blame it???). So much so, I didn't actually want to move at all. We had to do some measuring of windows etc, and then go and get bits so there I am being dragged around one DIY shop after another. She won't even let me go and look at the tools.

It is nice to have a conversation with someone who has meaning behind what they say. Ann is deep, and it is apparent that she is happy on the outside but maybe a little sad on the inside. Maybe a lot sad on the inside. She's very good at hiding her true feelings, but this is part of her charm. I hope we stay good friends.