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Tuesday, February 8

Shrove Tuesday

As you may (if you have kids) or may not (if you don't and live in a glass bubble) know, today is Shrove Tuesday. The Americanism kicks in and it is now also called Pancake Day, and not forgetting the blatant commercialism that is Jif Lemon Day. For the next 40 days we have to give up a 'luxury' and cleanse ourselves ready for the rebirth at Easter. In the old days people used to give up eggs, and for this reason they used to take the contents of the larder to make pancakes.

We in the meantime, have to go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for the pancakes. Kinda ruins the purpose doesn't it?

Let us not forget of course that Jif Lemons contain artificial lemons, and household cleaners contain real lemons. I know what I'll be having on my pancakes this year.