King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, March 29

Wish me luck

I'm just popping to the local Magistrate's court. I may be some time.

Back in November I had purchased my latest automotive restoration project, a sick but lovely Ford Scorpio. It had the best leather interior *ever* seen on a car, onboard computer, cruise control, air conditioning, even a heated windscreen. I decided the best thing to do would be to take the car to the local Ford dealership, and have it thoroughly checked out. On the way there, who should greet me but the local constabulary out to crack down on blatant lawbreakers and criminals that should be shot at birth.
Now, I admit, I have no tax. I have no MOT, how can I possibly get tax? Without tax and MOT I have no insurance either. I have had the car a massive 5 days, I book in the car for an 'official' pre-MOT inspection. On my insurance certificate it states I can drive any car, and this is even backed up by my local branch of my insurance company

"Of course, Mr. Aitch, you are insured to drive any vehicle as it states at the bottom of your insurance certificate."

The Police see all these details, and realise it will be futile to pursue it further. They even admit this to me.

"Don't worry mate. As long as you produce your licence, it'll go no further."


Tomorrow I will be suited and booted, and in front of "QC Judge Nazibastard" in Swansea Magistrate Court. Lets see how much my faith in the judicial system can be dented huh?