King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, March 30

In the words of Delboy, "We've 'ad worse days."

2:15 this afternoon, and as mentioned before I was in court. I felt strongly that I had done no wrong, and faced with the prospect of a judge in a bad mood I was determined this time* that I would be strong and professional in court.

I went in, all guns blazing, and after what seemed like an eternity of too-ing and -fro-ing of paperwork submitted for evidence, the judge agreed to let me off 3 out of 4 counts; driving without M.O.T, driving without tax, and failure to produce my documents within 7 days. The problem is my insurance.

When I started getting into this car restoration malarky, back in the dark and damp days of the last millenium (July '99 to be exact) I was told by my insurance company that I was insured to drive any vehicle. Even to this day it states that as such on my insurance document. Now everybody knows that you can drive another car as long as it is insured as well, but how does it stand when the other car is yours and you are insured on another vehicle? Well I wasn't sure if that's all I had, or general "drive any car, insured or not," so that's why I contacted my insurance company. They assured me that the latter was the case, and so for the past 6 years nearly I have regularly driven cars from auctions or garages without notifying my insurance company.

There-in lies the problem. Can I prove I was told this? Doubtful, but the judge is prepared to give me 2 weeks to get a letter from my insurance company clarifying what my certificate means. I can also testify under oath that I was told differently, and I have no problems with this whatsoever.

So all in all, looks like I will be scott free in 2 weeks, or banged up for lying in court.

*not that I've been in court much before.