King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Saturday, May 28

In my mailbox today...

this handsome suit of clothes, is mine by right of conquest. JustA moment he paused, steadied by a hand that clutched the ratlines,Their position then - according to Pitt's log - was approximatelyThen I remember you - five years ago, or more, you were in Tangiers,unnecessary. You should be ashore in force before the Spaniards arefellow-slaves at work there. Despair went with him. What tormentsnature. He cursed all things that daggled petticoats, and, knowingAh! And their names?put off in a boat.pummel of his long rapier, and there were gold rings in his ears,at the end of some three weeks, Nuttall - whom he was now meetingTake your time, now, said Mr. Blood. I never knew speed madelooked along the ranks, making it plain that he addressed them all.Captain's future

Your point being???