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Friday, May 20

Things that make you say "Arrrrggghhhh"

As was mentioned yesterday, I have been having fun with Tesco.


Now, as much as the next man, I like to find a bargain. Imagine my delight whilst on my sojourn to Berkshire I find a nifty 3 mega pixel camera with LCD screen for only £49.97 in Tescos. So I buy it. Now excitedly I rush the camera home, and when I’ve played with it and taken a few pictures, I settle down and happen to glance at the receipt.

£79.97. A whopping 60% more then I thought I’d paid. Bargain! I phone Tesco’s customer services and they basically acknowledge the mistake and I accept that being the excitable little tart I am, I have picked up the wrong one from the shelf. So they agree that if I take it to my nearest Tesco Extra, some 25-30 miles away, they will replace the camera and refund the difference. Imagine my surprise, when I get there, to find that the camera looks awfully like mine. Closer inspection shows it is mine.


They scan mine in from yesterday, and sure enough it comes up as £49.97. I know things are cheaper in Wales, but 60%??? Further investigation shows that the receipt is actually for a camera I haven’t got, but that’s not my problem if the till scans in the wrong barcode. Then I hit the snag (again). I don’t have the card the camera was purchased on with me. Admittedly that’s *my* fault. I ask nicely if instead of doing the 60 mile round trip, I can take it to my local Tesco some 5 miles away. They say this wouldn’t be a problem. I phone customer services, to explain what’s happened so no bugger else has to put up with this, and they tell me that just taking the card to the store will suffice, and a note will be sent to the store to tell them to expect me.

So that’s what I did. I turn up in store, with the camera all boxed up, the same card used to purchase the camera in hand, and receipt marked by the other store explaining the overcharging. And they won’t take it.

"I’m sorry sir, you need to take it back to the store you purchased it from."