King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, July 15

Joke of the week

A doctor in a local nuthouse decided he was going to give a spider to three of his patients so they could observe them and at the end of the week he would ask questions on what they'd seen.

He approaches the first patient who claps his hands loudly near the spider, who proceeds to roll up into a little ball. He explains this is because the spider is frightened and is more defensive when rolled up.

The second patient has created an elaborate maze for the spider to run through, but the spider just climbs the walls of the maze to get from one side to the other. He explains this is because the spider is prone to taking the shortest route possible.

When the doctor approaches Ted, the inbred country yokel, he asks what he's found out. Ted procedes to pull each and every leg off of the spider, and then shouts at the top of his voice at it, "RUN!!!". The doctor, horrified and slightly puzzled, asks what this proves. He explains that the spider's ears must be in it's legs, because the little bugger's gone deaf.

Have a nice weekend y'all