King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, July 5


The little paper bag still feeling unwell returned to the doctor.

"I am really sorry but I have some bad news" said the doctor. "You are
HIV positive."
"I can't be I am just a little paper bag" said the little paper bag.

"Well I can only assume you have been having unprotected sex."replied
the doc.
"No I'm just a little paper bag."

"Perhaps you have been using contaminated needles" said the doc.
"NO NO I'm just a little paper bag I cannot do that sort of thing."

"Have you been on holiday and had an innoculation?"
"HOW the HELL can I go on holiday I'm a paper bag for godsake."

Not giving up the doc says "Perhaps you have been using drugs and
sharing needles."
"NO NO NO NO I am a little paper bag and can't use anything like that"
"OK" says the doc "the only possible thing that I can think of
is your mother must have been a carrier."

That is all.