King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, September 9

Logie Baird is turning in his grave.

With the advent of Satellite and Cable TV, people are inundated with crap 24/7, and a lot of it seems to come from the US. Now, being a committed telly addict, I thought it was time to return the favour. Imagine, if you will, if we converted popular older US shows to the UK culture.

The A-Team: 4 ex Territorial Army extras with baseball bats and a Ford Transit driving around shouting “you slaaaaag”

Magnum, PI: A brummie with a shaggy tache goes around in a Fiat Uno, helping little old ladies from Sutton Coldfield look for their missing dog.

The Dukes of Hazzard: Barry and Norman evade the local bobby on his bike by jumping over country hedges with their Escort Mark 2 with the doors welded shut and called “Winston Churchill”

Knight Rider: The adventures of Bob Knight, and his continuing crusade with his amazing talking supercar “Montego.”

Video Vigilantes: People from the suburbs of leafy Surrey take the law into their own hands by filming people falling into front gardens drunk, or kids staying out past dark and sneakily drinking some of their father’s Ruddles.

The Dead Zone: Ongoings (or not) in Swindon.

Miami Vice: 2 Detectives drive around in an old Jaguar, solving murders involving prostitutes and drug dealers. Oh, hang on, that’s already been done.

ER: The trials and tribulations of the staff of an inner city accident and emergency department. Oh, hang on, so’s that.

Can you come up with any more?