King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, October 24

A Technophobe's nightmare.

This weekend it seems everything Internet wise has stopped working. My MSN messenger decided it wasn’t going to work, with the helpful message “Error 81000314” which in turn meant that a file was probably corrupted. I uninstalled Messenger 7 and reinstalled it, but still got no joy so I tried a different sign in name, which worked. Just at that moment I had a call out, so whilst there, I tried signing in on my name there instead, and got the same error message. I came home, read up about error 81000314 and was advised by Microsoft to log in using their web messenger. That came up “unknown server error.”

2 days later… 2 friggin’ days later!!!! It all works. No explanation, no email, nothing.

Then people’s comments start going tits up. Scaryduck’s, Misty’s, in fact anyone with haloscan. I don’t really mind… I have enetation (I love the way the spell checker comes up with ‘penetration’), but the banter in the comments is what makes the blogs really entertaining.

Oh well… All I need now is my remote control for my telly to stop working and the microwave to say bleugh instead of ping, and my week will be complete.