King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, October 30

A worrying day…

Not only have I received Andrea Sarvady’s book, “The Modern Neurosis Handbook: A Guide to Coping”, but also I have started to find a disturbingly familiar number of references. Things like new baby Narcolepsy, but in my defence I am diagnosed as a narcoleptic in the first place!

I then read Misty’s post about being googled, promptly tried it myself again and amongst the new links that I have never seen before I find this. I like the link myself, it’s just such a cool URL.

And to cap it all, I have the headache from hell, and it’s not even a hangover. Maybe it’s because I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded my PC to Windows XP media edition (the most expensive, not that I paid for it) and I was up late playing games that haven’t worked for years or at all on this pc.