King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, December 14

Busy busy busy

I must apologise for not posting but being the time of year that it has been, I’ve been snowed under. So far in the past week I have completely serviced 4 PCs, arranged a wireless network and broadband for a local company, rebuilt and reinstalled XP onto my own PC (when XP went tits up because of a new motherboard), and written half a fruit machine on my PC.

Today was different. Today, I went east to foreign lands. Ok, so it was only Bristol, but it was a different day out. 7 years ago I worked in Bristol. I even passed my driving test near Bristol, and learned to drive all around there. Today, I got lost in Bristol. 3 times.

The long and the short of the visit to Bristol was to meet an agency (although they stringently denied being an agency) about doing some work for a gaming manufacturer. I didn’t know who, so I took an educated guess but I was wrong. It turns out it’s one of the few companies in the industry I haven’t worked for, haven’t had an interview with, and generally had no dealings with. They must have heard my name bandied around from my past, and so they jumped at the chance of meeting with me. In fact the person I’m going to meet next Tuesday used to be the main design engineer for a company I worked with in 1996, and I got on well with him, so I hope it’s in the bag.

I’m kind of optimistic to be working in the leisure industry again. Hopefully they won’t have their heads stuck up their own jacksies any more, and people get credit where it’s due, not by stabbing colleagues in the back. I’m not one to treat job interviews as needing luck. I believe that you get a job on merit, not if you have a four leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot in your pocket.

Oh well, into the fray…