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Tuesday, January 10

Cuz'n Douuug

My sister took advantage of the Christmas holidays to decide to teach my brother in law one of the finer and simpler Welsh phrases, “Nadolig Llawen,” meaning Merry Christmas. Now Doug is your pretty atypical Southern drawler, enjoying nothing more then a pickup, six-pack of beers, and a few buddies to go shooting with. Deciding to take advantage of his new found linguistics, he thought he’d phone the only other person who’d appreciate Welsh that he knew, namely my father. Now at the time, my father had a friend, Pam, over from the UK, and she was unfortunate enough to answer the phone to Doug and his patois. Picture the conversation…

Pam: “Hello?”

Doug: “Nadolig Llawen”

Pam: “Pardon?”

Doug: “Nadolig Llawen”

Pam: “Who are you calling for please?”

Doug: “Is Aled there please?”

Pam: “No, sorry, he’s not here at the moment. Perhaps you’d like to try again later?”

Doug: “No, it’s okay. Nadolig Llawen anyway.”