King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, July 9

Bits of this, bits of that

Misty, Warrior Woman

The game is coming on well. I have made a good few routines with regards to animation etc, but in fact it's best if you have a look here

Now, remember, this is FAR from finished. It's just the basics at the mo. You need to unzip it to an empty folder, and then click on the mww.exe file. If it crashes your pc, tough. It doesn't crash mine (yet)

Plus Net

They've excelled themselves this time. my timeouts were worse and worse until on Friday when it died altogether. I am now running at 36,400 bps on a usb modem. I have torn a few strips off of them, but I am genuinely unimpressed. I even spent the morning looking for alternatives.

In Memory

On a personal note, my Nain (Welsh for grandmother) passed away some 7 years ago. A gravestone has finally been erected, and I'm an exceptionally happy man. She was always what a grandmother should be, and has been missed ever since.