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Saturday, July 22

Things to try on a hot weekend...

It's a well known fact that you can't lick your own elbow. Well, interestingly someone pointed out to me this week that in fact you can if you have your opposite hand flat behind your head at the same time. Something to do with pushing your head forward enough...

*watches as his readers try it.*



Tell someone there's no B&Q in your town. The conversation will be something like this...

"There's no B&Q in Swansea"

"Yes there is..."

"No there isn't. There's definitely no B&Q in Swansea"

"Of course there is, it's down by the new stadium..."

"Trust me there's no B&Q in Swansea. Want to bet on it?"

"OK, a tenner says that it's down by the stadium."

"There's no B&Q in Swansea... *spells it out* S - W - A - N - S - E - A. See, there's no B&Q in Swansea"

Duck as the person hits you.